Identify A Fake Rolex
Feb 27

Rolex is the most popular brand of premium watches. A recent global assessment ranked Rolex watches as the World’s most valuable watch brand. However, with its prominence and high demand comes a thriving fake market, so one can easily be tricked into purchasing a fake Rolex watch. Watches with unrealistically low pricing are easy to notice, while more complex replicas might be more difficult to detect. Remember, a Rolex is constructed to the finest standards; if even the smallest detail appears to be lacking, you can be assured that it is not genuine.

Here at Watch Galleria, we are assisting you with the characteristics of a genuine Rolex:

Check The Materials:

Rolex watches are made of high-quality materials such as stainless steel and gold, uncommon in fake watches. Check the weight first. Hold your watch and notice how heavy it is. If the watch is heavy, it is a positive indication that the materials used to make genuine Rolex watches are of high quality. However, if the Watch and case seem unusually light, you are most likely holding a fake Rolex.

After that, look for irregular or improper finishes. Rolex utilizes a variety of finishes on its watches, hard for fakes to replicate. Research the sort of finish used on your selected model and see if the piece you wish to buy matches it. For example, a steel and platinum Rolex Yachtmaster would feature a platinum bezel with a sandblasted background and polished raised numerals. The Rolex Day-Date Presidential bracelet features semi-circular links with polished and satin finishes. Be on the Watch for these smaller nuances.

Check The Weight Of The Watch:

A Watch’s weight can reveal a great deal about its quality. Rolex watches are completely built of high-quality materials. From the watch band to the inner workings of the hands and gears, every Rolex item is composed of the highest quality metals available. It indicates that your Rolex should be heavy. Fake watches are much lighter in weight since they are manufactured of lower-quality materials. The weight difference between a genuine Rolex and a fake Rolex may vary, but it will always be evident.

If you have access to a scale, you can weigh your Watch to see if it is the correct weight for a Rolex. Genuine Rolex watches weigh between 100-160 grams for stainless steel and 240-270 grams for gold. Vintage Rolexes may be a little lighter because their models are hollow, but they will still be heavier than phony watches. If your Watch feels unusually light, it is probably fake.

Verify the crown markings:

A genuine Rolex watch has marks on its crown. The crown is used to wind and set the Watch’s time. First, the crown should have a fluted shape. The dial will then be etched with a crown, also known as the renowned Rolex Coronet. If a watch lacks this design or has a poor finish, it is not a genuine Rolex.

In the latest models, the coronet has two dots underneath. These dots may alternatively be bars. While the absence of these dots or bars is not a reliable signal of a fake, if you are looking at a contemporary model of a Rolex, that extra design is expected to be present.

Identify The Movements:

Rolex movements are mechanical and self-winding, while copies are typically quartz or battery-powered. It should be noted that only a small number of Rolex watches, notably Oysterquartz Rolexes from the 1960s to 1970s, used quartz mechanisms. 

Furthermore, the Rolex movement happens in small micro-ticks per second, so the secondhand moves in a semi-continuous motion. It means that, as previously stated, there is no discernible ticking sound on a genuine Rolex.

Check The Serial Numbers And Markers:

The serial number of a Rolex watch can be located where the bracelet meets the case, just below six o’clock. On the other hand, the model number appears above 12 o’clock, accompanied by the inscription “ORIG ROLEX DESIGN” just above it. The band must be removed to see these. Rolex serial and model numbers are deeply engraved into the metal, but imposter watches have them scratched with acid, resulting in a superficial, sandy appearance. The digits on a genuine Rolex are carved deep enough to gleam in the light when raised at an angle.

Furthermore, Rolex watches manufactured after 2002, there is a tiny etched crown symbol on the crystal at the six o’clock position, which may require a magnifying lens to see well.

Dial and Cyclops Lens:

An original Rolex watch has a flawless dial; marks, irregular fonts, spacing, and spots indicate inferior printing methods utilized in fake watches. When viewed directly, the date should be magnified by approximately 2.5 times. Also, try running your finger over the lens; you should feel a bump dead-center on the date. 

When inspecting a Rolex dial, look for the following signs: 

  • The Cyclops lens can tell you if you are gazing at a genuine Rolex or a fake Rolex. Most Rolex watches will feature a Cyclops lens, although there are a few exceptions, like the Oyster Perpetual, which does not have a date. If you observe a Cyclops lens, be sure it is glued to the crystal and has magnification. If the Cyclops lens obscures the date, it is a fake.
  • If your Rolex features a date display, it should shift in a single sweep at noon. Do not be concerned if your Watch is a few minutes off – roughly +4 / -6 minutes – this is normal and will happen if your Watch needs servicing. If the date changes very slowly, the Watch is probably a fake.
  • An authentic Rolex Watch second hand should appear to move smoothly and continuously. If it twitches with each tick of a second, it could be a fake.

Water Resistance:

Except for the Cellini dress Watch, all Rolex watches include an Oyster case. The innovative mechanism of fastening the bezel and case back against the central case was intended to protect the movement from water. Today, the hermetic structure of the Oyster case ensures that Rolex watches are waterproof up to 100m / 330 feet, and up to 3,900m / 12,800 feet for the Rolex Deepsea, their ultimate diving watch. Rolex’s most water-resistant watch yet, the Oyster Perpetual Deepsea Challenge, was released in 2022 and has a depth rating of 11,000 meters (36,090 feet).

Check The Bracelet:

Rolex watches feature bracelets designed especially for each model or family of watches. For example, a President bracelet should be worn with a Rolex Day-Date watch. If the bracelet style does not match the style, it is most likely a fake.

When set flat on a surface, a genuine Rolex bracelet must remain straight and not kink. Also, make sure the links are aligned.


Genuine Rolex casebacks are made of simple polished metal with no engravings of phrases, logos, or pictures. They lack a clear window that shows the motions on the back of the Watch.

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